Sales Management-1

What is Sales?

By definition ““The art of persuadinga prospect that, he will satisfy his needs by exchanging his money for your goods/services”.

 This statement raises the following points:

1. If selling is an art, or a skill, then there is a technique we can learn.

2. To help a prospect satisfy his needs the sales person must know what those needs are.

3. If the sales person identifies a prospect’s needs, it makes his job of selling easier.

 The key to successful selling therefore is knowing, how to identify a prospect’s needs and being able to match your products, or services, features to his needs.

 What is the Sales Process?

The Sales Process is those steps which help a salesperson to close a deal for his/hers product/service.

While there are lots of other ways to achieve a sale, there are some basic steps to an effective sale.

The steps to an effective sales transaction are as follows;

No.1. Meeting and Greeting

No.2. Qualifying Needs

No.3. Product Presentation (Features and Benefits)

No.4. Overcoming Objections

No.5. Negotiating the Deal

No.6. Closing the Sale


3 thoughts on “Sales Management-1

  1. 19.03.2012

    Dear Prashant Welling,

    I will share with you a few business secrets which make for a good sale :

    01. Know your prospect by his / her name.

    02. If you are selling a product (not a service); ship a few product free samples to the prospect, to enable the prospect to try out your product.

    03. Follow up (phone call) just once, to get the prospect’s (to whom you have shipped free product samples) to get feedback on their usage experience, and whether they are interested to purchase any. That makes a sale.

    FCA Prashant Chavan
    Mumbai – 9920299337

  2. Dear Prashant,
    Thank you very much for your input. Any piece of extra information which will help someone improve their skills set is always welcome.
    I had genralised my set of steps to sell. All products cannot be sent as free samples. But, they can be demonstrated, like a car, perhaps!

    • 23.03.2012

      Dear Prashant,

      Happy Gudi Padwa !!

      What I am referring to is “product image” and “product branding”. When you have a range of products in your basket, you will sample the low cost products to your customers, to guage your market penetration potential. To give you an example, if you are marketing soaps & detergents, you will sample shampoo sachets to your customers. Likewise, in the case of sales promotion for a car, you can sample the perfume bottle or deodorant to give your prospect of the feel of the product. You are also raising the curiosity level of the prospect to incline him towards your product basket.


      FCA Prashant Chavan
      Mumbai – 9920299337

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